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2010 Events

  • Ambassador Wills  and Minister Joel Morgan concluding agreement
    Agreement on Transfer of Suspected Pirates Signed

    Seychellois Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport and Chairman of the High Level Committee on Piracy, Mr. Joel Morgan and Ambassador Mary Jo Wills signed a Transfer of Suspected Pirates Agreement on Wednesday July 14, 2010. The objective of the agreement is to ensure maritime security in the region.  

  • Ambassador Mary Jo Wills Visits Cousin Island
    Ambassador Mary Jo Wills Visits Cousin Island

    During her visit to Seychelles from April 17 to April 24, 2010, Ambassador Mary Jo Wills, accompanied by Mr. Calvin Wills, visited Cousin Island, a bird sanctuary which has received Self Help funding from the U.S. Embassy in 2007. Cousin Island is the last remaining home of the Seychelles warbler, and was made a nature reserve in 1968. It was bought by the Birdlife International to save the tiny population of Seychelles warblers from extinction. A tour of the island was organized by Mr. Shah of Nature Seychelles which manages the island. 

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